S3PL | Safety Hand Gloves
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Safety Hand Gloves

Safety Hand Gloves

Personal Protective Equipment is geared for individual safety while performing any type of potentially hazardous work. PPE is worn to minimize exposure to serious workplace injuries and illness. PPE protect to the serious injuries may result from contact with Physical, Chemical, Radiological , Electrical, Mechanical or other workplace hazards and it is protective by using Helmet, Goggles, Jackets, Shoes , Ear Plug & Nose mask etc.

Safety Hand Gloves (Hand Protection) depending on the environment will depend on the type of hand Protection must be worn to protect hazards of skin absorption of Harmful Substances, Cuts, Severe abrasion, Punctures, Chemical Burn, Harmful temperature. Extremes.

Cotton Hand Gloves

Dotted Hand Gloves

Nytrile Hand Gloves

Rubber Hand Gloves