S3PL | Water Filled Barriers
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Water Filled Barriers

Water Filled Barriers

Water Ballasted Construction & Pedestrian Barriers bring a new level of convenience and versatility to temporary work zone delineation. Water barriers are safer than traditional alternatives for everyone who has to be around them – pedestrians, motorists and construction workers. From improved driver guidance in construction zones, to the fact that in a crash, plastic barriers are much safer on impact than concrete. Plastic water ballasted barriers are the way of the future.

Water Filled Barrier 01
L 3000 x W 500 x H 800 (mm)

Water Filled Barrier 02
L 2100 x W 600 x H 840 (mm)

Water Filled Barrier 03
L 1500 x W 400 x H 1000 (mm)

Water Filled Barrier 04
L 1000 x W 350 x H 760 (mm)

Water Filled Barrier 05
L 900 x W 300 x H 600 (mm)